Togetherfarm Blocks: Build. Plant. Grow.™

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Meet Your Five Minute Garden™

Togetherfarm Blocks are a fun new way to create your next garden.  With just one kit, you can build a box that’s about 4 square feet and 6 inches deep in just 5 minutes – without tools or hardware.  Each Block is 10″ long, 2″ wide and 2″ tall. Need something a little bigger?  Combine kits to build larger gardens in various shapes to fit nearly any yard, balcony, or rooftop space.  Unlike treated lumber that can leach harmful chemicals into the soil, TogetherFarm Blocks are made from lightweight and durable food-grade plastic so you know your garden will provide safe produce for your family for years to come. Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned expert, TogetherFarm Blocks are the perfect companion for your next gardening project.

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Why use Togetherfarm Blocks to build your next garden box?

Configure your Blocks in many shapes and sizes--the options are endless!

Configure your Blocks in many shapes and sizes–the options are endless!

Make your neighbor’s vegetables green with envy.
These blocks are designed to make any garden look great.  Choose between a modern looking Slate Gray color or a warm Earth Brown, each containing 24 blocks per kit. Each Block is 10″ long, 2″ wide and 2″ tall. Need a splash of color?  Our Mosaic kits contain five colors, including: slate gray, earth brown, sky blue, terra cotta orange, and kale green. With colors like these, TogetherFarm Blocks will be the life of your next garden party.

Easily clip landscape fabric between garden box layers.

Easily clip weed barrier fabric between garden box layers.



Lightweight, durable and made from food-grade recycled plastic.
Looks aren’t everything: Togetherfarm Blocks are designed with durability in mind. They are engineered with an intricate internal structure that makes them tough against the elements. The river stone finish is smooth and sturdy, a perfect fit for the garden. They are also BPA and Phthalate free. Rest assured that the Blocks will not leach harmful chemicals into the soil, providing a safe environment for growing plants.

So easy your 3 year old child can help put one together!

So easy your 3 year old child can help build!

No tools or carpentry experience needed.
Your Saturday Saver is here.  Easily snap a garden bed together in a matter of minutes. The blocks are designed to be assembled without any measuring, cutting, or hammering. Made of lightweight but durable recycled plastic, the Blocks can easily be moved or taken apart and reconfigured at will. Each 24-block kit weighs only nine pounds making Togetherfarm Blocks easy for anyone to assemble, including young gardeners. You can build a garden box in under 5 minutes. 

Good for the environment.  Good for your family.  Made in the USA.
Togetherfarm Blocks are made from food safe recycled plastic, which repurposes discarded plastic that might otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The recycled plastic comes from local suppliers and every block is manufactured in the USA ensuring highest quality blocks and lower impact on the environment. In addition, when TogetherFarm Blocks reach the end of their product lifecycle, they are 100% recyclable – nothing is wasted!

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