About Us

raspberryOur mission

TogetherFarm exists to create and promote opportunities and products for communities to grow, share and donate produce through sustainable backyard gardening and farming.

Who we are

Our organization consists of a small but expanding group of passionate gardeners that share a common belief that individual communities working together can gain access to a variety of fresh, seasonal produce while building community.

What we believe

TogetherFarm believes that with enough homes growing small crops in their specific micro-climates, a few friends, neighbors or even an entire community can plant, grow and share a seasonally diverse bounty that rivals what you’d see at the supermarket.

It’s not a new concept.  It is, however, a concept that has lost favor in an age where convenience is king; where flavorless tomatoes are picked green and imported from abroad; and where fresh, seasonal produce is available only to those that can afford it.

We do not believe that raising fresh seasonal produces requires any special skill (the infamous “green thumb”).  All that it takes is a bit of soil, water, seeds and attention.  Nature does the rest.

What we do

TogetherFarm works to gather and publish honest, independent information about raising local produce.  We publish a diverse mix of gardening observations, tips and recipes to aid local gardeners.

Unlike other blogs and sources of information, we share our defeats as well as our victories.  We believe that learning through others mistakes can often help readers avoid some of their own.  Although regionalized, these lessons can be applied to other regions around the country, as well as around the world.

Our Community

Our community is you.  Although TogetherFarm gardens and blogs in Portland, Oregon, our community extends to first-time gardeners looking for tips and seasoned gardeners looking to share their experience.

How you can join us

Help us grow and spread ideas by sharing comments.  We welcome relevant, on-topic articles and will gladly publish your relevant materials if you own the rights. Please send relevant information and articles on gardening, sustainable living, recipes and more to info@togetherfarm.com

How you can contact us

Interested in learning more?  Contact us at info@togetherfarm.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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