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Can Your Garden Box do Tricks

Can Your Garden Box do Tricks?

TogetherFarm Blocks on Blogs:  So our Kickstarter journey is coming to a close this Monday, September 23rd, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.  If you’ve considered donating or upping your pledge, now’s your chance!  If you are considering telling your friends about us, here are some cool blog postings that have taken time to write a few kind words about us and our blocks.  We sincerely appreciate the support from the blogosphere and I strongly encourage you to check these out:

Repair the World

Jumpstart Hunger Projects with Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Together Farm Blocks This Kickstarter Campaign launched by TogetherFarm is raising funds to simple, easy to put together farm boxes and raised beds that anyone can use in their backyard or community garden. Made from recycled materials, they will help make gardening accessible to all.”


When LEGOS go green: TogetherFarm Creates Stackable Blocks for Modular ‘Anywhere’ Gardens

“Ever wonder what a LEGO garden would look like? TogetherFarm founders Matt Stormont, Joe Aakre, and Doug Holcomb have set out to recreate what it means to have a backyard garden through the use of LEGO-inspired bio-plastic building blocks. With a retaining wall design that requires few materials to haul and eliminates the need for tools, fasteners, and time, is this the perfect gardening solution for inner-city gardeners, children, and the elderly.”


“Now, if this isn’t just the perfect homeschooling project, I don’t know what is!

“The blocks can be hauled easily, used by just about anyone (including wriggly little boys like mine!), and disassembled quickly if you realize you have planted your garden in the wrong spot. Not that I am short-sighted enough to do something so silly *cough, cough*”


plan next year’s garden by supporting togetherfarm on kickstarter!

“They take discarded things like unwanted plastic milk jugs and other plastic waste and turn it into a fun and practical new way to contain your growing plants. The interlocking blocks come in four colors and can snap together to form just about any shape or configuration you can imagine — no tools needed!”

Before It’s News

TogetherFarm Creates Stackable Blocks for Modular ‘Anywhere’ Gardens

Perhaps it comes with little surprise that company founders Matt, Joe, and Doug all met in an MBA program in backyard garden-paradise Portland, OR. While attending Concordia University together, the trio hatched their idea over their mutual love for gardening.


ALEKSANDR TSUKANOV Entrepreneur & Philanthropist


“An American company TogetherFarm consists of three creative and artistic inventors and designers, who are passionate about gardening.”

A big thanks to all of the local and regional news stations and other blogs that have reposted our press releases, too!


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